WOMEN in IRAN--truth about Oppression

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    I am an American woman who went to Iran in 2010 to marry and lived there 2 years.

    Before going there, I had heard a lot about how oppressed the women there are.

    I had heard that people were demonstrating their disapproval in Tehran all the time

    and that iranian forces would become violent with these people. In the two years I lived

    there I did not see any signs of either. Women aren't forced to wear burqa etc. In fact,

    the very devout Muslim women wear chador over their clothes which doesnt cover face

    and hands. A LOT of women wear a skimpy see through blouse and a scarf that their hair

    is hanging all out of. Many women have their eyebrows and makeup tattooed, even some

    in chador.

    The society does have some different laws but I honestly cannot see a downside to giving

    lashes when someone cheats on their spouse (this is a law for men and women). Couples

    can divorce each other so there is no reason to be a pig. What I did see a lot of was that

    women who accept marriage proposals get to have a mehr. This mehr is a money promise

    that they can go after if say the husband decides to divorce.

    Imagine you are a farmer who will not make more than $100000 in your whole life and

    your fiance says she wants a 400000 mehr or you can go away. You love her and promise

    this. Three months after marriage she is sleeping with everyone but you so you divorce.

    She files with the government to get her mehr, which she can get NO MATTER WHAT. You

    get arrested and banned from leaving Iran until you pay her and there is interest tacked


    As far as domestic violence, I think their rate is lower than ours because I never saw any

    signs of it and I was all over the place.

    Now as far as Nuclear goes....maybe ppl against it should spend a summer in Dezfoil when

    its so hot you can't breath and there is not enough electricity so your airconditioner shuts

    down. I just want to be fair. There is a lot I didn't like...for example just how much

    red tape you go through for simple things like getting a phone installed, or how their

    cable internet is worse than USA dial-up.:D

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