Will Chicago Become Just Like A Mexican Border Town?

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    Gang Members are Targeting Chicago Police Officers​

    Updated: Tuesday, 20 Jul 2010, 9:38 PM CDT
    Published : Tuesday, 20 Jul 2010, 8:40 PM CDT

    By Dane Placko, FOX Chicago News

    Email Warns Gang Members are Targeting Chicago Police Officers

    Chicago - An email warning Chicago police that gang members would be trying to kill them has officers on alert.

    The email was written on Monday, apparently by a member of the Chicago Police Department's SWAT team.

    The subject line said: "FYI--Officer safety." The email goes on to say "per area two detectives, phone calls were received in both the 3rd and 6th Districts in which the caller stated 'More police will be shot. Gangbangers in the area are passing the word. Every night they will be ambushing police in the Chatham area.'"

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    Will Chicago Become Just Like A Mexican Border Town? ​

    Illinois has the greatest number of gang members per capita thanks to Latino politicians and sanctuary laws.

    Why doesn't anyone ever try to actually fight these gangs instead of bribe them to behave. Form a militia with out of work Americans and let the battle begin. Most gang members run to mama for protection the minute a bullet is fired in their direction anyway.

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