Why people don't understand the JFK assassination

Discussion in 'Conspiracy Theories' started by Wolfstrike, Jan 15, 2012.

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    i'm glad to see there is people on this forum that still talk about conspiracy.

    i was obsessed with the JFK assassination for about 3 years and i did my own internet investigation based on a logical technique.

    i don't know all the details, and don't need to, but the basic solution is this,

    it's what we've always known, Oswald was a Marxist, ...Kennedy was killed by Marxists.
    the Kennedy family were deemed nazis by the Marxist faction in America and they were forbidden to seek high office, which of course they attempted anyways.

    your first objection is , "why would anyone call the Kennedys nazis?"
    you're right, they were not.
    but that doesn't stop these groups from calling Reagan a Nazi, ...Nixon a nazi...ect.
    with the Kennedys they had a more serious reason to do so.

    The reason why people don't understand the JFK assassination is because of this...

    1) People are unaware of the history of Communism in America.
    If you think Communism in America was just a bunch of people falsely accusing people of being Communists, ...then you can not understand this assassination.
    America was the second country where Communism was started.

    2) If you think only Republicans are conservative and only Democrats are liberal, then you can not understand this assassination.

    3) You have to realize that there was a massive cover-up by our government and the media for this incident.
    you might have conclusive evidence Desmond Tutu, or who ever you think pulled the strings, was involved in this case and i don't doubt it.
    the government planted stories, the media made tons of money selling books, and even people on these forums who have no connection to the case will spread lies because the truth would be very damaging to the left-wing ideology of the country.
    after this incident there was a lot of people on both sides, and people who just knew things, who were killed

    ...and i'll tell you right now, that Badgeman photo is a fake.
    a person standing at that location with a gun would have been in plain view.

    i will probably post details once this forum allows me to do so

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