Why our public transport so worst?

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    Why our public transport so worst?

    I was to share the how bad our public transport system, first of all those who riding mini bus or bus are all un-educated plus illiterate and never follow the traffic single and how public are force to sit in MINI BUSES or BUSES not hidden from any. People not travelling but like animal movement from one place to another who have no feeling or no sense?

    Always eager how to violate the traffic rules and pain to stop in red signal when ever any this driver ever driving in UAE, Iran, UK or Europe than not a single minute thing to violate the traffic rules or not stop in red light, In Pakistan law only exist up to book but never seen how it apply which is the weakness of our ruler.

    I must ask question from any members of MPA, MNA or Senate ever travel in public transport or get treatment of your illness in Govt Hospital. But place are hell where no kind of facility available.

    Why our public transport system so bad and people those who uses are face burden and un-easy when ever travel in public transport, Yet not a single driver who killer innocent rider or public those who walking due to negleince and over speeding, more shameful city Police only catch and detain the vehicle and driver easy to escape and pay the bribe than no case registered against him what a law or injustice.

    Get the example from neighbor country Iran or India where their bus and train system how organize and people getting benefit why not our leaders sincere to improve TRANSPORT system any special reasons?

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