Why Obama Sticks in my Craw

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    Why Obama Sticks in my Craw

    By Bruce Johnson

    It seems that politicians rely on the short-lived memories of the general public. But I am tortured by a good memory. Maybe it is just that I remember being misled like cattle recall the hot iron. Here is an array of instances that stick in my craw.

    The Cairo Initiative

    Obama's Cairo Initiative and the June 2009 speech in which Obama scurried over to Cairo and spoke to the Muslim world and the specially invited Muslim Brotherhood. He promised a new era in relations between the Muslims and the United States. At the time, Obama's priorities seemed curious. Now we witness the murder of our ambassador, the invasion of several of our embassies, and the hoisting of the al-Qaeda flag where ours once flew, torn from our own sovereign embassy soil. We find ourselves funding Muslim Brotherhood-operated countries with our foreign aid. It has been quite a four years of resetting. A new era indeed.

    Hey Dude, where's my space program?

    We can find comfort in the fact that a new mandate for NASA involves a Muslim outreach, as per instructions from Obama. Maybe the Muslim Brotherhood nations can use our foreign aid to enter the Space Age.

    And Obama whispers to Russians.

    This episode might have been grounds for impeachment in a previous era. When Obama leaned over and said to Medvedev that he, Obama, would have more flexibility after the election regarding missile defense, what were his designs? Was he revealing that upon re-election, he would make a move that in the pre-election world would be unpalatable or politically damaging? The Democrats already controlled the treaty-ratifying Senate. The referred-to "flexibility" most assuredly involves something that many Americans might consider damaging to the country and its security. Let's not find out.


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