Why Huntsman Can't Be Trusted! Not A Socialist At All!

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    GOP candidate Huntsman, for President, got recent weekend press coverage. He is the only apparent candidate who has any semblance of experience in foreign affairs--Maybe execpting Bachmann, who now goes: "Nein! Nein! Nein!(?)" Republicans have their views certain of how to appeal to the Blacks and other minorities.

    Huntsman reiterated, on CNN GPS: What is at his website: "Capitalism Without Failure Is Not Capitalism!"

    Huntsman Releases Financial Reform Plan - Huntsman 2012

    At the website, then later on he contends that, "Americans have rightly lost trust in their institutions of power, from Washington to Wall Street!" Apparently they have not failed enough(?)! And so the campaign is all alone. . . .and ever more shall be a-so: Gringo. . .!

    As a national campaign slogan, "Capitalism Without Failure Is Not Capitalism," would not even be suggestive of doing well against Obama-Biden: Who spent kazillions bailing out state and local personnel, and the publically employed teachers who caused all the failure in the first place(?)!

    Technically, those bailed out would not be said entrepreneurial capitalists, or venture capitalists, or even heirs of grossly, excessively, overly well-to-do, dead capitalists.

    Institutions and organizations do dissolve, or adapt, and even change. That does not mean they get sent to the Eastern Front, or into the cute little death-camps, or into foreclosure: All of which millions have lawfully supported in the past, and in the recent past--being those kinds of families, all the same bunch of folks!

    Socialism actually shields the ordinary, human-level beast: From the the various iniquities of organizations. An anarchy arising from Widespread Wealth Worlwide even goes beyond central government interventions, to no central governments at all. The reliance is on the arithmetic of a well-distributed, discretionary spending engorged, market-place of buyers, meeting with sellers.

    Adapting the Arithmetic of the "Make Work Pay" refundable tax credit--of the Obama Administration that Huntsman actually worked for--could even be put into place in Socialist Mainland China. For now the Central Government of Mainland China trusts its own self instead--even expressing distrust of its people, they in turn preferring a more Anarchist, Socialist, Widespread Wealth Worldwide: Engorged with discretionary spending.

    Anyone notes that there really are a lot of them, and who seem to want to buy thing!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Lands of Many Nations know distrust of institutions first-hand! Now trust, "seven-come-eleven," and maybe this one guy who knows about bets, instead!)

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