why charged credit card customer when pay in ‘cash”

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    why charged credit card customer when pay in ‘cash”
    I want to ask question from all banks those promoted their “credit cards” when a customers pay his minimum amount or dis-charge full amount by cash than bank usually charged range from Rs. 350 to 550 ( being payment made in cash). All banks are charging different amounts from the credit card customers when depositing cash.

    When the said customer paid by cross chequed than no charges apply. I request to STATE BANK OF PAKISTAN if a customer settle his dues (partial or whole) by paying cash than bank use to charge for depositing cash should be eliminate and instruct by issuing circular notice to all schedule bank from wef Jun 2011 no amount should be charged when a customer settle his credit card bill by paying cash.

    If State Bank issued instruction than all schedule banks have to obey but I am eager when such thing implement without any delay, so the credit card customer get rid of charges while paying in cash.

    ( Ashfaq Sharif )

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