Who exactly are "free-loaders" according to Pelosi..

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    After the Supreme Court decision accepting the individual mandate provision of Obamacare by regarding the penalty for not buying insurance as a tax, Nancy Pelosi said:
    Who is the penalty on?
    The penalty is on people who have the wherewithal but refuse to buy health insurance, figuring they won't be sick, and if they do, other people will have to cover it.
    So these free riders, as they were identified by Governor Romney himself, he said, people have the ability to pay and can't expect to be free riders, and I think that he termed it exactly right.
    These free riders make health insurance for those who are taking responsibility more expensive. Personal responsibility is a principle of our country. Conservatives claim it. Progressives claim it. Liberals claim it. We all claim it.
    Althouse: Pelosi says it's a tax on "free riders" and Limbaugh says "This is the party that celebrates free riders."

    So according to Pelosi a majority of the 18 million people under age 34 that make over $50,000 are NOW going to a hospital for a cold.
    The hospital believe me.. WILL ask the patient for:
    Where do you work? Do you have insurance? Who is responsible for the bill?
    Believe me that patient will under penalty of fraud have to honestly answer the questions:
    They work at a job pays them $50,000 more and while don't have insurance they are going to receive the BILL!!!

    The hospital will BILL them. And the majority of these "Free-Loaders" will pay just as they pay the gas station, the dentist.. their doctor. The MAJORITY PAY!

    SO where are the "free loaders" Pelosi NOW claims because remember SHE counted them as part of the 50 million "UNINSURED" to pass bogus bill based on BOGUS numbers!

    There ARE NO "Free loaders"! There are NOT 50 million "uninsured"!
    So please someone tell me who among your friends that are under 34, make over $50K want to be known ERRONEOUSLY as Free loaders???? They are paying for their services!
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    She's cracking that whip.......She's worried they're leaving the plantation...next step Fugitive Jew Law comming courtesy of democrats!!!!!!!!

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