Where else was Carl Sagan 100% wrong?

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    Yesterdays destruction of a ballistic missile at the hands of an airbase laser totally and completely vindicates Reagan's "Star War" dream, a dream that was derided by Carl Sagan and other "scientists" at the time as stupid and wrongheaded.

    Sagan was as vehemently against Star Wars on a scientific basis as...well, you have to look at today's Warmers to get a sense of the Cult like hysteria Sagan brought to his fight against Star Wars.

    Now we see Sagan was totally wrong, in fact, you can't get any wronger.

    Sagan was also an early proponent, and I mean early in that the ink hadn't dried on the pictures from the geometric "anomolies" in the Martian Cyndonia region and the famous "Face on Mars" before NASA sent Sagan was out there to tell everyone, "Nothing to see here!"

    SciFi author Arthur Clarke had a different take and more like that of a true scientist when we said, maybe we should take a close look. But Sagan lead the NASA campaign against any serious further investigation and ridiculed those who would even ask the questions.

    But Sagan did at least subconsciously confirmed that our Moon is indeed a hollow, artificial satellite when he said, "a natural satellite cannot be hollow" Right, Carl.

    Sagan appeared about 30 times on the Tonight Show but turned down every offer to meet Ronnie at the White House.

    Success really is the best revenge.

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