Wei Heping: A Diabolic War Mobilization That Shocked the Whole World

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    Wei Heping: A Diabolic War Mobilization That Shocked the Whole World
    World Chinese Net
    9/25/2005 5:38:00 AM

    -- On the Unique Operational Mode of Jiang Zemin¡¯s Propaganda Machine for a Diabolic War
    Wei Heping

    Everybody was impressed by the predictive power and the accuracy of truth of Zhang Hongbao¡¯s article ¡°The Goal.¡± Shortly after he delivered the speech ¡°The War Is Approaching Us,¡± Chi Haotian, the Former Chinese Defense Minister, delivered another ¡°internal speech¡± entitled ¡°The War, the Midwife of the Chinese Century, Is not Far Away,¡± promoting ¡°a modernization under the saber,¡± waging a prewar mobilization for the diabolic war designed by Jiang Zemin, and providing specific notes for Zhang Hongbao¡¯s article ¡°The Goal.¡± Zhang Hongbao¡¯s predictive power is amazing, but the war agitations instigated by Chi Haotian are shocking. The speeches delivered by Chi Haotian constitute part of the prewar mobilization demanded by Jiang Zemin¡¯s clique for a diabolic war to ¡°defeat the United States for world domination.¡±

    According to the convention or common sense, people may not pay much attention to a few speeches made by a retired Chinese military leader. However, convention or common sense does not always function in the daily proceedings of the Chinese authorities. Neither the crackdown on ¡°the Gang of Four¡± within the Communist Party nor its suppression of the student movement on June 4 followed the convention or common sense. In both incidents, the people in the executive power were not allowed to handle the situation; the decision was made in a meeting among the veterans or patriarchs who stayed behind the scene. Actually, this abnormality is the ¡°convention¡± or the ¡°routine¡± of the Chinese Communist Party: the people who supposedly have the authority on the front stage are not the decision makers; they only carry out the decisions. The decision makers are the veterans or patriarchs of the Chinese Communist Party who stayed behind the scene and manipulated on the backstage. Understanding this situation will enable us to avoid treating Chi Haotian¡¯s speeches as something dismissible, as some innocuous hyperbole of a former defense minister, and to perceive the speeches made by Chi Haotian, a member of the regency group led by Jiang Zemin, as part of the prewar mobilization promoted by a representative of a regent group of leadership headed by Jiang Zemin. The phrase, ¡°we cannot wait any longer,¡± reveals their state of mind and the imminence of the war.

    In his article ¡°The Gaol¡± Zhang Hongbao exposes one of the reasons why Jiang Zemin is determined to carry out a decisive battle with the United States for the domination of the world: it is because of Jiang Zemin¡¯s personal ambition and quandary, because of the quandary of his family, the quandary of the Chinese Communist Party¡¯s one-party rule, the inextricable quandary resulting from corruption and suppression. Jiang expects to resolve all these quandaries by waging a world war, by betting all on a single throw, and by waging a decisive battle with the United States in competing for supremacy. China¡¯s global strategic goal is to eliminate the United States, to seize the predominance in the world, and to establish a Chinese Federation that crosses the Pacific Ocean. In his internal speeches, Chi Haotian blatantly declares that the Chinese Communist Party will ¡°lead the Chinese people to march into the outside world,¡± to wage a war with the United States which has always imposed a blockade against China¡¯s development, to ¡°sweep across¡± the whole territory of the United States, and colonize the land of the United States in order to ¡°establish another China under the same leadership of the Chinese Communist Party.¡± Even the millions of Chinese living in the United States should be eliminated because, in Chi Haotian¡¯s words, ¡°they have been intoxicated with the bourgeois liberal thinking and therefore will be accept the leadership of our party. If they survive (the war), we will start political campaigns to treat them and reform them.¡±

    Actually, the Chinese Communist Party has an appetite for much more than the United States. Chi Haotian uttered some really stunning remarks: ¡°The United States, Canada and Australia combined will provide land spacious enough to accommodate our large-scale colonization.¡±

    Weighing the cost of this diabolic war, Chi Haotian demonstrated a quite blatant jingoism: ¡°Death is a dynamism that moves history forward;¡± ¡°it is really cruel to cause the death of one or two hundred million American, but it is the only path toward a Chinese century, a century in which the Chinese Community Party will lead the world;¡± To let the Chinese die or to let the Americans die? Which is more important, to safeguard the lives of hundreds of millions of Chinese or to safeguard the life of our Party? We can only choose the latter.¡±

    In order to instigate the support of the public opinion, Chi Haotian has the audacity to attach to the diabolic war labels such as ¡°the rejuvenation of China¡± or ¡°greeting the Chinese century,¡± and to attribute the diabolic war to the reason that the land of China is no longer able to sustain the expanding Chinese population and that China¡¯s natural environment has been irrevocably damaged. He has raised high the banner of Chinese nationalism, misled the public opinion, and instigated the Chinese to fight their way into the United States, Canada, and Australia. Isn¡¯t it the modern version of the slogan used by the Chinese Communist Party back then: ¡°Overthrow the local tyrants and divide the land among the poor peasants¡±?

    In his speech of prewar mobilization Chi Haotian also reveals the fact that the members of the standing committee of the political bureau of the Chinese Communist Party have held several meetings to study the rise and fall of the Nazi Germany, to learn from its experience of success and its lessons of failure. The Standing Committee of the political bureau has reached a consensus: ¡°To follow Germany¡¯s path in rejuvenating China,¡± to defeat the other powers and become the only superpower of the planet. This is the sound of the megalomaniacs uttered by the new Nazis of the Chinese Communists!

    Undoubtedly, Chi Haotian plays an important role in the decision-making body and the propaganda and mobilization organ of Jiang Zemin¡¯s diabolic war.

    It is noteworthy that, besides the nationalistic banners such as ¡°national rejuvenation¡± and ¡° racial superiority¡± similar to those used by Hitler back then, as well as the promises of benefits given to the participants regarding the occupations of the United States, Canada, and Australia, the prewar mobilization method adopted by the propaganda machine of Jiang Zemin¡¯s diabolic war has four unique characteristics in its operational mode and its propaganda content, illustrating the sinuousness and craftiness of Jiang Zemin clique of the diabolic war.

    One. A Covert, Semi-Surreptitious Operation

    They took an initial step by carrying out a public survey under the cover of ¡°sina.com:¡± ¡°If you were soldier, with your superior¡¯s permission, would you open fire at women, children, and prisoners of war?¡± Later, they issued the internal speeches made by Chi Haotian on the free forum of sina.com, without giving any information bout the date, place, or attendants of the meetings. In addition, the speaker ostensibly is someone who is no in office currently, but a former defense minister. Thus, all operations have been undertaken in an unofficial and informal fashion.

    However, once you have read their speeches, you will understand that through these two covert, semi-surreptitious operations Jiang Zemin and his followers have materialized what they wanted to say, what they wanted to do, and the effects they wanted to achieve. This anomalous operation mode of prewar mobilization has rendered it impossible for the United States to find out the truth, to trace down the people responsible for these operations, or to make up its mind about how to handle the situation. As for Jiang Zemin and his followers, they enjoy all the flexibility of maneuvering: if the situation proves to be favorable, then they will continue with their operations; if the situation does not develop in their favor, they will disclaim all responsibilities or declare that this speech is ¡°fabricated.¡± And this is the crux of their trick!

    In fact, the first phase of the prewar mobilization for the diabolic war being prepared by Jiang Zemin clique has been completed through the undertaking of this covert, semi-surreptitious operation. Jiang Zemin and his followers have won some precious time, while the United States is still entangled in the phase of investigation to find out whether all this is true or false. When they find out that this has been a genuine prewar mobilization that does not assume the traditional format, at least three months will have elapsed. That is the end of July. By that time, the higher authorities of the United States will come to a clear understanding that the Chinese Communist Party intends a wage a war!

    The White House must make up its mind to fight this war, a genuine war of anti-terrorism against the most powerful opponent in the world, a war that may result in an indiscriminate destruction. This is something to be handled with utmost caution. Therefore it will take at least three months for the White House to prepare and submit a report to the Congress. Even if it does manage to come up with a report in three months, that will be the end of October or the beginning of November. Even if the White House, at the same time as it is submitting its report to the Congress, begins its arrangements with the Defense Department and CIA to prepare for the approaching war, it will take at least five months: first, they have to make sure of the location of the command center of Jiang Zemin¡¯s diabolic war; second, they have to come up with a general plan of military actions and a blueprint for postwar administration. If they start the job at the beginning of November, they can get the job done by the end of February. That is to say, from the time of the issuance of Chi Haotian¡¯s prewar mobilization (April), it will take at least 10 months for the White House to take any action. And this is exactly the effect to be produced by the unconventional pre-war mobilization conducted by Jiang Zemin and his followers.

    If Jiang Zemin and his followers want to wage a war, they will choose to start the war during the coldest season in the United States (November to January), when people are most relaxed (before and after Christmas, especially around December 26, Mao¡¯s anniversary). They will create a huge power outage, causing a complete paralysis of U.S. domestic and overseas military bases. Then, they will create tidal waves in the coastal areas, earthquakes in Washington DC where the command center is located, and long-distance precision assaults at the most important leading figures. These will be followed by the entry of the armies into the land to clean up the battleground. But how about the United States¡¯ response? According to the prediction of Jiang Zemin and his followers, by November, the White House will still be pondering upon the report to be submitted to the Congress.

    This non-traditional, irregular, semi-surreptitious prewar mobilization will serve to obtain precious, golden time for the victory of the diabolic war.

    Two. An Easy Way to Discharge the Guilt of Treason

    One of the reasons that Jiang Zemin wants to start a war is that he has been under tremendous pressure after the exposure of his crime of having given Chinese land away to Russian, which knows the secret of his having been a Soviet spy. Even if he won the war of ¡°defeating the United States and seizing the domination of the world,¡± the treason he committed would pose as an obstacle to his attempt to seize the throne. Thus, the propaganda team for Jiang Zemin¡¯s diabolic war came up with a brilliant idea for him. In Chi Haotian¡¯s speech, when he talks about the long-term strategy of anti-American struggle, he makes a seemingly inadvertent remark: ¡°according to Comrade Xiaoping¡¯s plan, in these years we have ceded a huge area of our northern territory to Russia. Is our Party Central Committee really foolish?¡± What a scheme! In this way, through an ostensible eulogy of a strategist, he attempted to shift, easily, the blame for a severe historical crime onto a dead person, removing the fetters from Jiang Zemin and covering up his treason with a halo of strategy.

    Three. Ambivalence Aimed At Deception

    Chi Haotian spent much time talking about biological weapons, labeling them as the most suitable weapons for the poor people and threatening to clean up the American battleground with biological weapons.

    Generic weapons, the most eminent among biological weapons, have been identified as the usher of apocalypse. Some people have claimed that it takes only 20 grams of super thermo-toxic generic weapon to bring death to the 5.5 billion people over the globe. Some other people have predicted that, based on the different characteristics in human body, the generic weapons such as ¡°racial bombs¡± can be designed to bring diseases to human bodies of certain hereditary types, to cause casualties to certain people (races or families). The problem is, these kinds of generic weapons are still in the phase of research. Even Chi Haotian said, don¡¯t wait for them.

    Then it is clear that the biological weapons Chi Haotian referred to must be those that have been successfully designed and manufactured. According to the professional information concerning biological warfare, the six categories or twenty-eight kinds of biological weapons are not capable of ¡°cleaning up¡± the United States in the shortest period of time, because before 2003, the United States had already stipulated that 2.4 million members of its armed forces and reserved troops should be vaccinated against biological weapons, and under the threats of biological warfare after 9.11 incident, members of the Senate and the House, as well as important government officials, were vaccinated against biological weapons. Therefore, the military forces and high officials will not be ¡°cleaned up.¡± Then who are going to be ¡°cleaned up¡±?

    As old Chinese sayings go: ¡°the most important objective is to eliminate the enemy¡¯s armed forces and military leaders;¡± ¡°the best tactics is to eradicate the enemy forces.¡± The elimination of the enemy forces as a military objective is not only the foundation for all military actions, the primary principle of war, and an important principle of strategic leadership, but also the most effective means and experience by which the various dynasties throughout China¡¯s history was able to subjugate the enemy states and achieve ¡°the great unification.¡± How could Chi Haotian, the former Defense Minister of China, fail to understand something so important and basic? If in fact he pretended to be ignorant of it, then what can we learn from his affected posture? By resorting to the rhetoric of biological warfare to motivate his people and to mislead the Americans, who he knew would not take his words seriously, Chi Haotian intended to win some precious time for war preparation and also to cover up the CCP¡¯s real fatal weapons.

    The weapons that the Chinese Communist Party is going to use to ¡°clean up¡± America are the fatal weapons that Americans cannot protect themselves from: i.e. ¡°great power outages,¡± ¡°manmade earthquakes and tidal waves,¡± ¡°and super-capacity warfare¡± that Zhang Hongbao has pointed out.

    Thus, Jiang Zemin¡¯s mobilization for the diabolic war has been covered up with deception and stratagems.

    Four. The duplicity and instigation of the prewar mobilization derive from the false labels of ¡°national rejuvenation¡± and ¡°the Chinese century,¡± the goal of ¡°defeating the United States and seizing the domination of the world,¡± and the motivation of ¡°colonizing the land and sharing the profit.¡±

    The prewar mobilization of Jiang Zemin¡¯s clique for a diabolic war is very conducive to emotionalism in the army and the people. Is there any Chinese who does not want to be assigned a big house and a big car in America, to enjoy the affluent life in America? Back then, through the means of the communist goal, the Marx-Leninist banner, and the overthrowing of local tyrants and distributing the land to the poor peasants, the Chinese Communist Party managed to deceive the people, won over public support and seized the power over China by alluring the people. Today, Mao Zedong¡¯s children and grandchildren resorted to the same tricks with different packaging: back then the slogan used was ¡°serve the people¡± or ¡°work for the people¡¯s interest;¡± nowadays, they blatantly call upon people to fight for the sake of the communist rule. Back then, they claimed that they were fighting to seize the state power for the poor people; nowadays they openly declare that they are fighting for the enthronement of ¡°the holy man¡± Jiang Zemin.

    Wake up, those who are still deep asleep in their dreams of peace!

    Among all urgent affairs for us to attend to today, the most urgent task is for us to use all means possible to forestall and deter the diabolic war to be launched by Jiang Zemin.

    Only if we make early preparations and take early precautions can we ensure ourselves a tomorrow!

    (£ªContribution by Information Department of China shadow Government)
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