Weak link of "New Silk Road"

Discussion in 'Politics' started by euman, Jan 19, 2012.

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    The White House got so many plans for Asia and US "New Silk Road" is one that was supposed to unite Central Asia but in fact it failed like Nabucco. American partners promised us that investment will pay off, so we ploughed into Uzbekistan millions! And today we can't get them back, because Uzbekistan is a filthy beggar country where corruption is basis of everything! I believe our money was plundered by Uzbek authorities and we will never saw them again and of course US won't return them to us! Washington pulled us into its another bubble and we paid a high price for it. Business means risk but what happened in Uzbekistan was a fraud! Do not invest your money into Uzbekistan and other US-led projects in region! Disappointment and waste of money are 100%!

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