We Need To Convince Illegal Aliens To Become Bloggers . . .

Discussion in 'Conspiracy Theories' started by Terral, Jun 25, 2009.

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    Hi Ravi:

    The FBI needs to get that guy off the streets, before he blogs somebody to death. Maybe the FBI could help the impotent Immigration Office and Homeland Security in locating 20 to 30 Illegal Alien Foreign Nationals who kill 25 U.S. Citizens EVERY DAY (12 by murder), if we can only convince them to become bloggers (my blog). Obama could create 20 to 30 million JOBS for real Americans, if he was only willing to do 'his job' that Senor Bushie also refused to do . . .

    Welcome to the New World Order Fascist/Police State of CanAmeriMexico where subjects are hauled and locked away for making threats and simply saying what is on the mind of many people becoming frustrated with Loyal Bushie/Obama Fascism/Totalitarianism. It seems to me that if this guy really intended to kill anybody, then he would have planned and carried out the deed; rather than sitting at his computer to air out his frustration. A better plan would be to wait around until an Illegal Alien Foreign National takes out the intended target with the other 10,000 U.S. Citizens that will be killed by the end of the year . . . or next year, or the next . . .

    PS. One reason so few USMB members are waking-the-hell-up to the Coming CanAmeriMexico Fascist/Totalitarianism State is because member content is micromanaged to keep heads buried in the sand in support of that NWO Agenda . . .

    This Conspiracy Theories Forum is the garbage can in case anyone tries to utter a peep anywhere else on this Board. No. I did not start this topic, but this was evidentiary support for Ravi's Op Story here. The NWO puppets moving member posts around have no clue about the differences between an Opening Post Thesis Paper and a member offering advocating/supporting arguments to an existing hypothesis. Moved posts and topics should say "Moved" and threads created out of thin air should say "Split" from somewhere else using links to keep everyone on the same page. Otherwise, the admins/mods are playing dirty games and member content is treated like dirt; which reflects badly on the credibility of the entire USMB Board and Staff.


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    The monitoring started last year on USMB. I remember when it changed. At that time I knew that there was gold being sent out from someone.

    It even cause Ksigmason to come on through and make sure his great organization was not being misreprisented.

    It's all in the thought.

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