We have Much To Be Thankful For...

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    We are often told that we should be thankful to President Bush for protecting the "Homeland" from terrorism. The proof of this being that there have been no further attacks on America since 9-11. Following this same line of reasoning, we have much to thank President Bush for.

    - No major America city has been all but wiped off the map by a hurricane in more than a year. Thank you, President Bush.

    - Those potentially dangerous budget surpluses that Alan Greenspan warned us of in 2000 are now but a fading memory. Thank you, President Bush.

    - If the current economic trends continue, Junior may create a quarter of the jobs in eight years, that Poppy created in four years. Thank you, President Bush.

    - The oil industry has reaped the largest profits of ANY industry in American history at our expense. Thank you, President Bush.

    - Given that President Bush won't allow Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices for its clients, the pharmaceutical industry has made record profits from the retired and the poor. Thank you, President Bush.

    - Investors who put their money into Haliburton stock before 2001 have enjoyed huge financial gains over the past six years. Thank you, President Bush.

    - The census bureau had to hire more staff to count the ever growing number of people in this country living below the poverty line. They just have "food insecurity". Thank you, President Bush.

    - In 2003, President Bush freed up several million dollars to pay for the war in Iraq by cutting funds from the New Orleans levee maintenance and rebuilding funds which, ultimately, contributed to the drowning of the Big Easy by Hurricane Katrina. Thank you, President Bush.

    -The nation-wide slump in gun sales during the Clinton years, due to the drop in violent crime, has now ended. Gun sales are now picking up briskly due to the repeal of the assault weapons ban and the increase in violent crime under the benevolent gaze of the Bush Administration. Thank you, President Bush.

    - American industry was saved untold millions of dollars by the relaxation of air and water quality standards, allowing industry to pump more toxins like sulfur dioxide, mercury and arsenic into our air and water supplies. Thank you, President Bush.

    - The military industrial complex is doing very well indeed, the VA has hired hundreds more physical therapists to deal with the thousands of maimed and wounded troops returning from Iraq and the prosthetic limb industry has been busier than any time since Viet Nam. Thank you, President Bush.

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