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    We are the people in charge. We need to tell Washington that we need X amount of good paying jobs and X amount of entry level jobs by the end of the calender year. If they can not get it done then we will get rid of their asses and put in a new bunch by way of recall or whatever means we can. That is from president on down. This will force them to make laws and trade agreements to favor us. They can tax the hell out of the money that is just hanging out their so they reinvest. They are not going to do a thing unless we make them.
    We also need to stop the damn crazy spending and get down this debt. We can achieve this by getting health care costs under control. Stop the emergency room " I have a migraine ", or " My back hurts" in order to score a buzz. and that is just the short of the abuse. I have good health insurance but do not go to the doctors unless I truly need to. If health insurance companies would return 50% of every persons premiums every year they do not use the insurance man would they save a crap load on payouts. Save me money and bring down health insurance costs. They can even figure a sliding scale of some sort.
    We tell them what they can spend. If they do not create jobs soon, we are in deep waters. No revenues means deficit spending. This president is in huge trouble unless he creates jobs and because of political reasons they are not being created. Time to stop their bullshit. Give them an ultimatum, get it done now or get the hell out. The only pledge signed should be by all the government officials to created the jobs now!!!!!!!!

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