Watch USB and charger cables around toddlers

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    USB cable shock suspected in Colo. girl's injuries

    LONGMONT, Colo. (AP) -- A Colorado toddler is hospitalized with third-degree burns on her tongue after apparently being shocked by a USB cable connected to a laptop computer.

    Jeffrey Anderson says his granddaughter Trinity Anderson of Longmont was playing next to a recliner Monday while her mother, Rhianna Anderson, sat in the chair and used her computer.

    When Rhianna Anderson looked down, she saw Trinity's body was limp. Beside her was a USB cable, with one end plugged into the laptop. The family noticed pieces of burnt flesh in the prongs of the cable and suspects Trinity put the cable in her mouth.

    The girl is hospitalized in Aurora with third-degree burns on her tongue, palate and lips. - News From AP

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