Washington Post Attacks: Sarah Palin's fence didn't have to be so ugly

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    This is beyond belief. This shows that the left is completely obsessed with Sarah Palin and will go to no ends to try to ridicule and criticize everything she and her family does. All the Palins are doing is protecting their privacy from a pervert who is writing a book on them who moved next door and from his balcony he can see directly into Palins young daughter Piper's room. This also shows that the left is scared to death of Palin and her common sense conservative values that she will impose on the nation when she becomes President in 2012. This is really appalling that the Washington Post would stoop to this level to publish a article criticizing a fence.

    Fence Pic:
    Photo: The fence between former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's lakeside home, rear, and the home being rented by author Joe McGinniss is seen Thursday, May 27, 2010, in Wasilla, Alaska. Palin is making good on a threat to build a fence around her Wasilla


    Do bad neighbors make bad fences? I've seen a few fences in my time, but none quite as defiantly ugly as the one now shielding Sarah Palin and her family from what she suggests are the prying eyes of her new neighbor, an author named Joe McGinniss.

    McGinniss wanted to rent a place in Wasilla, Alaska, to be close to the subject of his next book, the state's former governor, who is one of the hottest political celebrities of the moment. McGinniss hit the bull's-eye when Sarah and Todd Palin's next-door neighbor offered to rent him her rambler for the summer. A modest abode, it sits uncomfortably cheek by jowl with the Palin's beachlike house, a contemporary-style mansion with tall picture windows overlooking the water. Up went the fence, in a hurry.

    As a prop in the theater of contemporary politics, the screen is a masterstroke. This billboard of a fence looks like the heroic, makeshift response of a woman protecting her besieged family from a loathsome spy. Writes Palin on her Facebook page: "Wonder what kind of material he'll gather while overlooking Piper's bedroom, my little garden, and the family's swimming hole?" This, in turn, spawned ugly and threatening responses against McGinniss. "She's pushed a button, and unleashed the Hounds of Hell," McGinniss told NBC's Matt Lauer.

    However genuine the motives behind the fence, from a design, horticultural and sheer aesthetic standpoint, it looks like a disaster.

    It rises to 14 feet or so, though the exact height shifts with its curious undulations. Instead of the standard approach of taking down the existing fence and replacing it with another, Todd's fence crew simply attached one wooden privacy fence on top of an existing one. Perhaps the idea is to remove the appendage when McGinniss moves on.(continued)
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