Washington Go For "Static" Kill On Gulf Well You Already Put America Out On A Limb!

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    It will be a travesty of failing to stop the terrible pain of the American people especially Gulf Americans over the oil leak catastrophe in the Gulf if the White House and BP fail to pursue the "static" kill on the Gulf oil well leak. The safe the prudent move would have been for the White House and BP to have not shut off all the valves on the new cap on the leaking well and risk the resulting dramatic rise in pressure creating a new leak in the blowout preventer or the well bore or for these authorities to have waited until a major hurricane was imminent to pass in the area of the this leaking well to have tried this oil flow stopping move. But they did it and they lucked out there has been no major leak discovered in the well. So as they say in the movie "The Field of Dreams" go the distance hook up the piping to top of the cap open the valve and pump in the well mud and once it has managed to reach the vicinity of the oil reservoir at the bottom of the well pump in the cement, plug that well and end this nightmare for the country. If authorities fail to pursue a static kill here (it is called static because with the oil flow in the well having been shut down the pressure in the well is basically stable albeit at a high level) and start up the oil flow to reduce the pressure in the well and reduce the risk of a secondary leak they will have wasted a perfect "nine" opportunity to permanently plug this well. If authorities fail to try a static kill it will be like an ordinary person having mortgaged his or her house to start a simple business and right before the opening of the new business the person gets cold feet and hires someone else to run the simple business and throws away the opportunity for financial success, America has already incurred the bulk of the risk (the home was mortgaged) the promised land is in sight authorities need to just push through don't stop if a static kill is pursued authorities could have this well plugged with a cement plug in two weeks, the nightmare would be over America would have the summer vacation month of August to recuperate from this unprecedented ordeal, don't blow it Washington!

    Naysayers say don't try the "static" kill because authorities have to let the well flow at full capacity so authorities can accurately determine the oil flow rate so they can fully fine BP because the maximum fine is around $4000 per barrel which could potentially net $18 billion dollars. If such financial considerations come into play here in determining whether or not to try a static kill the authorities have failed the American people this well leak is like a giant open wound on the American people successfully closing this wound should be the only thing authorities are focusing on, fine considerations aren't relevant. Listen the purpose of a fine is to vindicate the law and create a deterrent, if BP acts like a stand up company in doing right by victims of this Gulf matter their liability is going to be at least $50 to $60 dollars billion without the fine, this level of liability serves the purpose of the fine. So assuming BP acts like a "stand-up" company and stops their shenanigans like trying to get claimants that receive money from the $ 20 billion escrow fund to sign lawsuit releases I and in all probability the majority of Americans would support legislation that if BP's total liability from this Gulf matter reaches $55 or $60 billion dollars the Federal Government is prohibited from fining BP over this matter, America will have gotten its pound of flesh from BP if this occurs and this corporation is a prize corporation of our long term great ally, Britain, and out of respect for that relationship we will forego a fine in this matter!
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