Warriors (NBA) Billboards: Dianetics[A+]

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    I was socio-culturally inspired (GO TRUMP-USA) to create a team-development profile-tale about the suddenly-immortal Golden State Warriors by Jerry Maguire!

    How many Warriors billboards do you see on the road reminding you of bazaar-TV?




    American basketball players on the iconic NBA team the Golden State Warriors had seen the fun-filled days of Chris Mullin and Tim Hardaway and then the special but unsuccessful Michael Dunleavy (Duke University) era. However, management shifts and team reorganizations had spawned a new-look Warriors team (with hotshots Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant) which would be in a position to win NBA titles --- and that's just what they started doing!


    How can we market the Warriors in this media-era of Jerry Maguire (Tom Cruise)? Do we use clichéd iconography about British Petroleum (BP) power-game oriented capitalism-biases and generate only merchandising-themed media presentations? Of course, such a route is both tempting (and profitable), but we're in danger of ignoring the nifty contributions to the Warrior 'yearbooks' by Mullin and Dunleavy in the 1990s and 2000s (before the Curry reign began). It's really a question of 'dollars-and-sense,' right? What would Donald Trump (a former casino-mogul in Atlantic City, New Jersey) say? Does President Trump care about 'pedestrian storytelling' as much as he seems 'invested' in pedestrian scandals?


    All of this can quickly become an all-out Media Apocalypse, perhaps involving Trump's secret-special 'operative-team' of patriotic democracy-defenders known as 'G.I. Joes' (of America)! The Joes think of all anti-capitalism sentiments as hilarious terrorism, and they're dedicated to Homeland Security procedures for the now highly-televised and public-attended national sporting events such as the NBA Championships. That's something Curry cares about as much as winning, and that's really in the armpits (if not outright slandering) of President Trump, a more-or-less self-proclaimed 'diplomat' of consumerism optimism. Trump has to like Jerry Maguire (and maybe even NATO comic books!). Warriors games are the big public-ticket now, and kids love them!


    So imagine that these 'G.I. Joes' are somehow 'real,' and you notice your kids are collecting newly-sanctioned harmlessly democratic 'mobilization-propaganda' democracy-crusader trading-cards. These kids are talking to your neighbors' kids who have all kinds of colourful Golden State Warriors (NBA) trading-cards(!). This makes for great neighbourhood summer-BBQ conversations about the 'translations' of capitalism in media-culture, democracy-ideology, and of course, Jerry Maguire inspired Warriors (NBA) trading-cards. Heck, you're making a burger on the grill and you tell your neighbour, "I think the players on those Warriors trading-cards represent those terrific 'pro-TrumpUSA' G.I. Joes!" GO WARRIORS...GO HOMELAND SECURITY!


    Amsterdam is ahead of New York in cultural savoir-faire (for tourism!). Algeria is ahead of D.C. in wind-energy development negotiations. South America is ahead of America in eco-friendly soybean production. Japan is STILL ahead of America in the automobile industry. Eastman Kodak is more 'generally competitive' (arguably sometimes) than Duracell and Energizer. Can America 'catch-up' simply through the media-marketed of televised sports? It's all EWTN and Al Jazeera TV now, so the axis is 'primed' for a Jerry Maguire pro-TrumpUSA Warriors marketing-evaluation! This is the Age of the Sports-Critic, no?





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