Wanker Is Forcing Milwaukee County To Pay For Security Twice

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    As County Executive for Milwaukee County, Scott "The Wanker" Walker, according to Court Records "Created A Financial Crisis" and then fired all the County Union Security Guards and hired British Security Firm Wackenhut Security Services.

    Wackenhut is famous for video in which members of Wackenhut Security in Afghanistan are seen taking vodka shots out the butthole of fellow security officers.

    The upshot of Wanker's phony "Financial Crisis" is that the county has been forced by court order to re-hire the fired security guards, and give them back pay owed to them for the illegal firing.

    Thanks to the Wanker, Milwaukee County is paying not only Wackenhut, but the County Security Guards as well.

    The story about the Wanker's Costing the County to pay twice for security appears in the Wednesday March 2, 2011 edition of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

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