Voluntary Compliance - Another Republican/Bush policy - people die

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    WASHINGTON (April 8, 2003) -- Nearly 19-months after 9/11, the Bush administration is developing a program aimed at addressing the threat of terrorism at chemical plants around the country. The White House apparently is now working with Republican leaders in Congress on legislation to "fix" the problem, rather than support the Chemical Security Act (S.157), sponsored by Senator Jon Corzine (D-NJ). Corzine's bill would require companies to assess their vulnerabilities and take basic steps to reduce them.

    Here's the catch: Although there are some 15,000 major chemical facilities nationwide (including over 100 that, if attacked, would each put a million or more Americans at risk), President Bush is seeking only "voluntary compliance" by industry.

    NRDC Press Archive: Bush's Voluntary Plan for Chemical Security: Not Worth the Wait

    EPA's Voluntary Compliance is a Government Shell Game - Associated Content - associatedcontent.com

    Instread of spending 4.5 billion on workers safety, companies MADE 120 BILLION by ignoring workers safety.

    (I can almost hear the Republicans, "Ho hum, so tired, putting me to sleep, want something important, lesbian bondage, food") So, what does "workers safety" have to do with anything?

    West Virginia Mine Disaster: Repeated Safety Violations Were A 'Red Flag' - ABC News

    Federal records showed the Massey Energy subsidiary received 548 citations in 2009 and 122 so far in 2010.

    West Virginia mine explosion - washingtonpost.com

    West Virginia Mining Company's Violations - ABC News


    Back in 2008:

    In a sweeping deal with prosecutors and the U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration, the Massey operation will also resolve more than 1,300 safety violations at Aracoma and Massey's nearby Hernshaw Mine since the Jan. 19, 2006, fire.

    Aracoma assessed record fine* - Beyond Sago - The Charleston Gazette - West Virginia News and Sports -


    Remember the Republican/Bush policy of "Voluntary Compliance"


    Republicans will say, "Oh, he's using a tragedy to score political points". You can see it coming. Can't Republicans take responsibility for ANY of their failed policies? Any? Any at all?


    Republicans go on endlessly about Unions and how awful they are. Republican Assignment for tonight. Compare the safety record of the United Mine Workers and the Bush/Republican failed policy of, "Voluntary Compliance".

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