Vegas shooter wired $100K to girlfriend before rampage

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    The leaks will continue, just give it time. Drip, drip, drip.

    I still say, the fact that this woman did not come back to America immediately should raise some eyebrows. Any of us in her shoes would come back home immediately upon such a catastrophe, would we not?

    I'm not suggesting she was involved, I am suggesting she might be able to glean something into this case, and she seems resistant to do so.

    This also might eliminate the martial problem theory, though certainly not the gambling debt issue (if he owed millions let's say, much tougher to collect from her than from him).

    The week before to his rampage, Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock wired $100,000 to the Philippines — where his live-in girlfriend would be Oct. 1, when he opened fire on a crowded outdoor festival thousands of miles away, it was revealed Monday.

    It is not clear exactly what the money was intended for, NBC reported.

    Paddock’s 62-year-old gal pal, Marilou Danley, traveled to Hong Kong on Sept. 25 and then went on to the Philippines on Oct. 1, possibly to visit family, investigators have said.

    She is a native of the Philippines and an Australian citizen, according to Brisbane’s Courier-Mail, which reported she lived on the Gold Coast for 20 years before coming to America.

    Neighbors said Danley described herself as a gambler. Her LinkedIn page said she worked as a “high-limit hostess” at a Vegas casino. Her slot-machine card, which is used to rack up bonuses and other benefits through play, was found in Paddock’s suite, according to the Nevada Independent.

    She initially was considered a person of interest, but later was cleared when investigators determined Paddock acted as a “lone wolf.”

    Danley was in Tokyo on Monday afternoon. She is expected to return to the US for questioning, the Las Vegas Sheriff’s Department said.
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