US Military Facing Fresh Questions Over Targeting Of Children In Afghanistan

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    -- The Guardian


    U.S. Army Spc. Samnith Thy provides security outside during a youth meeting in Farah City, Afghanistan, Dec. 2, 2012. Thy is assigned to Provincial Reconstruction Team Farah. U.S. Navy photo by Chief Petty Officer Josh Ives

    War News Updates Editor poses this question: Are U.S. Soldiers Targeting Children In Afghanistan?

    Read more ....US military facing fresh questions over targeting of children in Afghanistan | World news |

    This is nothing new. The same situation existed in Vietnam and just about every other guerrilla “war” ever fought. It's happening to the Russians in their engagement with Islamic rebels. FARC in Colombia have used children. And, it's our guys – and gals – who see this as a quandary because of our American values and how we cherish our children. We don't understand how adults can send children out to become martyrs like that.


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