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    I have taken all the tests at this link,
    (Yes- I have too much time on my hands):

    The questions I answered correctly were
    an undistinguished 77%, discounting one,
    which I threw out:

    “Which best describes the character of
    post office murals painted during the Depression?"

    No one in his right mind should be able
    to answer that!

    Also, about half my right answers were made
    using the process of elimination, rather than by
    knowing the answer off the bat.

    I enjoy tests, as long as I don’t have to depend
    on them for a grade or a job, and as long as I don’t
    have to study for them. I don’t mind publishing
    the results either, as long I have a passable score.

    Out of 81 tests There were five where I got 50% or less,
    and six where I got 100%.

    I am curious to know if others here dare these tests,
    then talk about them, here.

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