Untaxed: Foreign-born workers send $150 billion a year 'home'

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    Remittances make up 10% or more of total GDP in 35 countries

    They keep reporting this but nobody’s doing anything about it!

    The nation’s generous and lax immigration policies have led billions of dollars to flow out of our economy untaxed, which is a disservice to Americans,” Mr. Stein said. “At a time when our country urgently needs tax revenue to improve physical and societal infrastructure programs, it’s imperative to address this drain on our resources immediately.”

    It’s money not spent in retain stores or outlets. Money not used to create jobs.

    So, they come here claiming asylum when their real purpose is to make money to send back home to their families. Maybe taking away that opportunity will put a quick end to their invasion of this country.

    More @ Untaxed: Foreign-born workers send $150 billion a year to their home country, says study

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