Unions Focus on State and Local Races

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    by Owen @ Boots and Sabers - The blogging will continue until morale improves...

    Haven’t unions just become an organizational arm of the Democratic Party?

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Unions are shifting more of their political resources to state and local races this year as they try to head off passage of laws that could undermine bargaining rights, make it harder to organize or reduce their political muscle.

    Labor leaders say their top goal remains re-electing President Barack Obama, but several unions are redirecting their focus from the presidential and congressional campaigns to state and local races in dozens of states where they feel threatened.

    It appears the unions are turning their backs on Barry Hussein and trying their most to hold back the tide of conservative candidates at the state and local level. However, I don't think it's gonna work.

    Oh yeah - don't forget that King Barry certainly isn't giving any of HIS $$$ to anybody!

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