Types of Insanity Defense and Tea Party Messages

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    Types of Insanity Defense and Tea Party Messages

    First we had on the grounds of our nation's Capitol the shouts of '******' and 'faggot' directed at Congressmen from Tea Party rally attendees.

    These were excused by Tea Party defenders as merely the shouts of 'individuals' with no accountability towards Tea Party leaders or their hateful messages. Hateful messages Tea Party leaders and followers have uttered and supported against any and all Americans who disagree with them.

    Then we witnessed the shooting of a US Congresswoman by a man who is supposedly/allegedly mentally unbalanced (how many Tea Party Shouters fit this image?) and who uttered/wrote messages against government similar to those brought into the mainstream by Tea Party rallies.

    Now we have yet another man who threatens a US Senator (a woman), who probably supports the Tea Party message(s), and whose weird hatefulness is most likely validated by the vile utterances from Tea Party Comrades...who's defense is he has a 'condition'

    How many Tea Party people suffer from these 'conditions'? :eusa_whistle:

    links to some stories below...

    A Northern California man remained in jail Sunday after he was arrested for threatening the life of U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer, official said.

    Police in San Rafael, California, said they received a report that someone had left death threats in the office voicemail of Boxer, D-California. The messages were left after-hours last week, police said.

    The investigation led officers to San Rafael resident Kevin Joseph O'Connell, who was arrested Saturday morning, said police spokeswoman Margo Rohrbacher. - Man Arrested For Making Threats Against Sen. Barbara Boxer - News Story - KRXI Reno


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