Two Year Anniversary Of Obama's Solyndra Visit

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    [Two years ago, it was "The Future Is Here", at least that's what 'Choomwagon', aka 'The Pakololo Kid', aka Barack Hussein Obama said as 535 million taxpayer dollars were in the process of wending their way toward Money Heaven. You have to wonder whether he was sucking in those last draughts of marijuana smoke from the top of the inside of the presidential limo then.]

    "Two years ago today, May 26, 2010, President Obama traveled to Fremont, California to showcase a “brighter and more prosperous future” promised by the green-energy company Solyndra.

    The solar panel maker went bankrupt last year, taking with it $535 million in taxpayer-funded loan guarantees. More than 1,000 people lost their jobs. The Obama administration had cut corners to rush money to Solyndra, with some of the beneficiaries being top Obama fundraisers. Even as Solyndra failed, the administration considered giving it another $469 million.

    But on this day in 2010, with Solyndra already facing serious obstacles, President Obama was filled with optimism. “The true engine of economic growth will always be companies like Solyndra,” the president said. “Less than a year ago, we were standing on what was an empty lot. But through the Recovery Act, this company received a loan to expand its operations. This new factory is the result of those loans.”"

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    The next Solyndra...
    Obama Administration to Spend $20 Million on Green Energy Plan – For Africa
    July 5, 2012 – The U.S. government is spending $20 million to “help clean energy projects in Africa get started.” Those projects include wind farms and solar panels, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced at the recent Rio +20 Conference in Brazil.

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