Two Party system hm that doesn't sound like democracy?

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    For several years, not entirely sure how long as I am not a historian and do not claim to know every thing, this country has degraded from a democratic republic into an corrupt imperial oligarchy.
    An Oligarchy is a government where a minority rules over a majority.

    The first thing that bares mentioning is that for a long long time we have only elected people from one of two groups or organisations never have we strayed from those groups for some time. This has created a narrow corrupt society as you see both of those parties are fairly rich and it is the fault of the American People that this corruption has made our nation stale stagnant and darn right dull. That's right in your ignorance you have caused this corruption to be born. "A person can be smart, but people are stupid." - Terry Goodkind. People have the right to vote for whomsoever they chose, the problem is they've been brainwashed into our governments trap of "Oh look at these guys they got money vote for em." The truth is you don't have to be rich to run for an election you might fail but you can still make an attempt. There are "third parties" and "independents" out there who could make a difference if they where ever vote for. Most Americans don't believe that their vote counts, that they can make a difference, but the truth is there's more of us 99%ers than there is those 1%ers they just don't want you to realize it, cause if you did they might lose an election and their too stubborn and rich to have that.
    Simply my point to all middle and lower class people is this, don't vote Republican or Democrat just say NO to the TWO PARTY SYSTEM. Do not be beguiled into thinking your votes don't count.

    And from there I shall now touch on Capitalism.
    While I do believe that Capitalism is productive to some degree it creates a society of Social Darwinist when it is used in excess such as the case here in the U.S.
    Some struggle can be beneficial how ever when 1% of the population has obtained at least 75% of the nations wealth it becomes devolution, this makes it so that no matter how much the lower and middle class try they will never be able to compete unless a rich person intervened and helped them which of course would never happen.
    Socialism on the other hand does allow for a fair environment but it takes away allot of the competitiveness that capitalism has, it takes away the ingenuity and industry.
    What we need is an equal balance of the two trains of thought a muddled mixture of both capitalism and socialism.
    If you think our current setup is fair, just imagine a pie now cut the pie into equal pieces as the found fathers had hoped now imagine that a glutton walks up takes all the pie and eats it before any one else can have any. That's what our government is like what our economy what our businesses are like a pie, except they left you and me the crumbs which we have to fight the rats for.

    One more thing stop blaming the president for not doing congresses job! LOL

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