twelve states plan to follow Arizona's lead

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    At least twelve states plan to follow Arizona's lead
    May 07, 2010 03:30 PM EDT
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    I was sure this was going to happen. The States are beginning to stand up for their rights and the Federal Government had better start paying attention. If they will not do their job the States will do it for them, as they should. The Federal Government’s duties are limited by the Constitution and they don’t even fulfill those limited mandates. They are too busy trying to do things they have no business doing.

    ResistNet is Participating in the Event

    in Arizona June 5th-12th

    We will release more details this weekend.
    Make your travel plans now!

    Encouraged by the news that at least twelve states
    plan to follow Arizona's lead by cracking down on
    illegal immigration with versions of SB 1070, organizers
    with Voice of the People USA and Tea Party Patriots Live
    are announcing historic mega rallies in Phoenix Arizona
    and around the nation this June 5 through June 12
    accompanied by Americans shopping in Arizona to
    counter any boycotts.

    Two large rallies will be held, one on June 5 and one on
    June 12 at the Arizona state legislature in Phoenix. Each
    rally will be supported by and have guest speakers who
    include heads of national organizations, local organizations,
    federal and state lawmakers, candidates for public office,
    media personalities and talk radio show hosts, entertainers,
    and much more.

    The events will be broadcast live to the nation by streaming
    video and audio going out on the Internet and talk radio
    stations nationally.

    The clear message of these events will be "We support Arizona!
    We support SB 1070! No Amnesty for illegal immigrants!
    Secure our borders! Enforce our existing immigration laws!"

    Tens of thousands of American are expected to converge
    on Phoenix, Arizona from all across America and there
    will be buses and vehicle caravans coming in from
    other states.

    Rallies and lobbying efforts will also be held in all American
    states between June 5 and June 12, asking other states to
    file and pass versions of SB 1070. The events in each state
    will be listed at Support Arizona and SB 1070 Rallies June 5-12, 2010!

    June 5 through 12 will also be declared "Shop In Arizona Week!",
    where Americans are encouraged to come to Arizona to shop
    and spend money to help offset the attempted boycott imposed
    by the nation of Mexico and illegal immigrant supporting groups.

    National Director, Darla Dawald will be a speaker.

    At least twelve states plan to follow Arizona's... | Gather

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