Turkish-Iraqi smuggling ring to Europe dismantled in Tunisia

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    Tunisian security authorities on Thursday announced an international network smuggling Iraqis and Turks into Europe had been successfully dismantled, with four Iraqis being arrested.

    In an official statement by the Tunisian Ministry of Interior, a national investigation into terrorist and organized crime uncovered and dismantled a network that facilitated the “exfiltration of people from Iraq and Turkey” to Europe through the northern African nation.

    The Ministry revealed the network operated from Iraq and Turkey, with people using false passports to travel through Tunisia, across the Mediterranean, into Europe.

    Four Iraqis and one Tunisian man, all believed to have been active within the smuggling ring, have been arrested and investigations are ongoing as two other members remain on the run.
    Turkish-Iraqi smuggling ring to Europe dismantled in Tunisia

    I wish there was more information on this little group.

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