Truth or Dare

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    anyway, the neatest prank I pulled (I had help actually) but anyway, not very complex or even that great but was fun to watch....

    On those old soda machines, they had the rectangular clear plastic buttons, well, we put some clear tape on the grape soda so when people put their money in, they automatically got grape soda....

    I'm sure Moonie has WAY better stories than this... hint hint!
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    The only time I ever pranked someone was when I was doing silkscreening printed circuit boards. During break, I cleaned Gilbert's squeegee, carefully putting some clear tape all along and to the bottom edge and placed it back in the ink for the copper board. Before starting, you have to put a mylar sheet over it to check if the image is going to be good. The tape made it just a little uneven so he must have gotten bleeding and had to do quite a few test runs. I was not very good at it and usually ran a few tests, but the other screeners always seemed to get it right the first time. He finally got frustrated and yelled out in a comical voice, "You little... paybacks are a bitch" and I didn't say anything, but I think he knew I had done it. :laugh:
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