trobinett: some addicional thoughts on indians, reservations etc

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by José, Sep 21, 2006.

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    I decided to create this thread so I can adress a couple of good points you made and were overlooked by me during our discussion.

    I agree when you say the reservation system and fiscal exemptions for indian businesses is “holding on to the past”.

    You and I are not idiots to believe there will always be Indians in the American Continent in general and in America in particular. Only total idiots believe such absurdity.

    The implementation of the white racial dictatorship not only in America but in the entire continent was so succesful and the defeat of the natives so complete that it is only a matter of time until the dominant white/mestizo societies finally destroy what has left of their ancient national identity.

    Even tribes hidden deep in the amazon jungle will someday be assimilated. In 2500? 3000? 4000?

    I don’t know but I do know it will eventually happen.

    But this is the main point I was trying to make before, trobinett.

    I want american indians to leave their reservations because they want to explore the new world like you did or because they do not look upon themselves as native americans anymore and not because they want to run away from a slum.

    When I support tax exemption for indian nations, my purpose is not to delay the inevitable.

    My support is grounded on the recognition that I can’t take this decision for them.

    It’s not for me nor Gunny to decide when it’s time for native americans to give up their second national identity and become 100% americans.

    America can’t decide for them either.

    Americans cannot call their country a democratic state and at the same time support the violent suppresion of native americans’ secondary national identity and forced assimilation into american society through the dismantlement of their reservations. You can’t have it both ways.

    This is what racial dictatorships are supposed to do.

    This is what America did in 1890, when the native american armed struggle was finally defeated and indian families or clans of a nation were forced to live in isolated parcels of land. A shameful attempt to destroy their national identity by physically separating the members of a given nation. A final solution for the “indian problem”.

    It’s not even for you to decide.

    You can give advice to your brethren:

    “Brothers, what happened to us was unfortunate, but it could not have been avoided, because in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, white colonialism and racial dictatorships like the US were the norm and were accepted as a fact of life and not criticized like modern racial dictatorships (South Africa, Israel).

    We, indians, were in the wrong place and, MAINLY, at the wrong time.

    I know it’s painful for some of us, but now it’s time to fully accept the national identity we got from the same racial dictatorship that stole America from us”.

    You can give them this advice, trobinett, but the final decision to abandon their ancestral national identity and finally become a full member of a bigger tribe called America belongs to each one of them and no one else.
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    It's the survival of the fittest---even Indians knew and know that. If you're not fit enough to thrive in today, go off and die elsewhere. The Indians aren't sitting around on reservations doing any thinking other then how to get more money from other people or the next bottle of firewater. Stop kidding yourself. I'm sorry but now is the only time you can live in.
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    Well, hmmm, interesting post Jose'.

    Thanks for taking the time to think that out.

    I'm an American, NOT an Indian American, but an American.

    This country has made it so, that I can make of myself, and do for my family, what NO OTHER COUNTRY can.

    Yea, ok, the Indians got a raw deal, life NOTS fair, never has been, NEVER will. All one has to do is look back across the passage of time.

    Shit happens, and mostly to LOSERS, and I don't mean that in a derogatory manner.

    The "Lost Tribes" the group of Indians that I belong to, Headquartered in Dover Arkansas. Work for the betterment of ALL Indians, health care, education, history, all really positive issues.

    Whats happened has happened, living in the past, and throwing blame around, won't change a fucking thing..........

    I'm good with it.:gang1:

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