Tree provides fruits & shadow to every one but why Human Being so greedy & selfish

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    Tree provides fruits & shadow to every one but why Human Being so greedy & selfish

    I want to ask express my opinion that TREES always a good symbol to spread its shadow and fruits to everyone without making difference of race or religion. In short provide benefits by giving fruits and shadow when a person comes near to tree for shelter.

    But being human beings we should adopt tree good & positive habit but very regret and disappoint to see majority from us being Human Beings usually think for own benefits and ever realized other who are in problem or think to give them any support till peoples not come from own crisis.

    Understand one thing never MONEY, POWER & BEAUTI remain forever to anyone. If you want to remember after your dead by common people than solve their problems whole heartily and do not expect reward from him or do not display this social work done to get famous in your place.

    When you blessed by God with some wealth or power than please do not rude or become proud of this thing, the reasons behinds giving you wealth or power test how you obey God or still remember and thankful to God or become Shatan. Those who are luckily who are blessed with wealth or power but always remain hungry how to help others but remain their names un-disclose these peoples are real why true Muslim’s followers.

    Thanking You.

    ( Ashfaq Sharif )

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