Tourism Up 17% in Israel

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    The Tourism Ministry's target for 2018 has been updated to 4 million tourists

    According to a report by the Association of Travel Agencies, the main points discussed at the meeting included the following:

    • In the winter of 2019, 62 flights a week are expected to land in Eilat, bringing more than 10,000 tourists a week to the city.
    • The strategic move of the joint marketing of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem under the title Two Cities - One Break - succeeded very well and brought beautiful crops in tourism to both cities.
    • There is a great shortage of manpower, including hotels. The assistant ministers and the director-general handle the issue of approval of foreign workers to the tourism industry, especially hoteliers.
    • Following the continuing trend of an increase in incoming tourism (in July - an increase of 8%), the Ministry of Tourism's target for 2018 was updated to 4 million tourists.
    Source: International Air Services
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