Tough Times Call For Tough Messures

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Sirkarl101, Feb 6, 2012.

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    Again I still pose this question. Why in the hell are we giving away anything to any healthy American individual? I am well aware of my ignorance in many areas, however if we keep giving away money to those who choose not to try and do better we are screwed as a nation in my opinion. All healthy people should be forced to perform labor for their so called entitlements like food stamps, health care and all other freebies. Highways need fixing, grass needs maintaining on the roads, government buildings are in need of repair and cleaning etc. If you make them work for the little they receive perhaps they will realize they are not making enough for their labor and go out and look for a better job. If they choose not to work, screw it let the families support them. The same with prisoners. Let the families bring them clothes and food or put their asses to work to cover their costs in prison sweat shops making Chinese wages. Hell perhaps we can start competing with China using individuals who actually deserve being treated harshly due to their illegal activities. I am stating that all of this should be performed in a humane way but the left has gone to far in coddling these individuals.
    The people have got to stand on their own feet or else those who are responsible and work to stay afloat are indeed going to see their accomplishments diminish in self value and jump on the government gravy train. I did not raise my children to be be self supportive just to take on the failures of others. Has anyone come to your home asking to rake leaves, clean your gutters, wash your car etc. Maybe if it comes down to survival people will actually try and better themselves. I again state I am referring to actual able body and mind individuals that need a boot in the ass.

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