Those Peaceful Palis Are At It Again

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    Two young Palestinian men suspected of "collaboration" with Israel were murdered in the Nablus area over the weekend.

    The first murder took place on Friday in a public square in Balata refugee camp, south of Nablus.

    Eyewitnesses said Mahmoud Mansour, 23, was brought to the center of the camp by gunmen from Fatah's armed wing, the Aksa Martyrs Brigades, and shot to death in the presence of dozens of residents after noon prayers.

    They said the man died instantly after being hit in the head with at least 25 bullets. The assailants and camp residents refused to allow an ambulance to take the body to a hospital. Instead, they threw it into a nearby dumpster.

    It was the third killing of its kind in the Nablus area in the past two weeks. Earlier this month, Fatah gunmen in the Old City of Nablus kidnapped and murdered a 44-year old man whom they also accused of collaborating with Israel. That killing took place only hours before Fatah candidate and PLO Chairman Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) arrived in the city on an election tour.

    In recent months, at least 13 "collaborators" have been ruthlessly murdered in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, all by Fatah gunmen.

    Mansour, a resident of Nablus, was kidnapped last week by Fatah gunmen who took him to Balata for interrogation about his alleged links with Israel.

    The gunmen said he was suspected of assisting the IDF in tracking down and killing three Fatah fugitives in the Nablus area.

    They claimed that last May, Mansour followed a car used by Fatah fugitives Hashem Abu Hamdan and Nader Abu Lail, who were killed by an undercover IDF unit operating in Nablus.

    In another incident earlier this month, they say, Mansour tipped off the IDF about the whereabouts of Wael Riyahi, another senior Fatah activist and arms dealer who had been wanted for his involvement in terrorism. An IDF unit caught up with Riyahi as he was driving his car at the entrance to Balata and shot him to death after he tried to run down one of the soldiers.

    The Fatah gunmen who killed Mansour said he had confessed to all the accusations against him. "We didn't use any form of physical pressure," a spokesman for the Aksa Martyrs Brigades claimed. "The confession was videotaped and the fact that there weren't any signs of abuse on his body shows that he hadn't been tortured."

    The second victim was murdered on Saturday, also by Fatah gunmen. He was identified as Ramzi Assi, 18, also a resident of Nablus. Sources in the city said his bullet-riddled body was thrown from a passing vehicle outside the Rafidiyeh Hospital. They said the gunmen accused him of assisting Israel in the killing of two of their colleagues last year.​

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