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    A Boat Ride to Trouble
    By Suzanne Fields, Washington Times
    April 5, 2007

    MASPOLOMAS, Gran Canaria. -- Prosperous tourists are drawn to the Canary Islands from France, Spain, Portugal, Germany and even the United States, all seeking surf and sand on these seven Spanish islands 60 miles off the coast of West Africa. There's good mountain climbing, deep-sea fishing, camel riding and scuba diving, and the more adventurous parachute to beaches of soft white sand imported from the Sahara.

    Thousands of Asian and African tourists are drawn here each year, too, but they don't stay long, because they're not drawn to fun and games on the beach. They're trying to trade a life of grinding poverty for a new life in Europe. The Canaries are a way station. Some petition for asylum from countries at war, and many become illegal immigrants.

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