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    Death means nothing.
    God is there.
    He/She/It says kill those who offend.
    Ignore your hunger. Hate everyone who disagrees.


    Spirituality means let's burn something.

    Genius around the world.


    People who want to bomb everyone: speak to people who don't have shit. Look at people who don't have shit. Look at people who have nothing but shit. Bomb them.

    It's a world full of them. Who don't have shit. Forget the pot, forget the window to throw it out of. They don't even have IT, whatever IT is. Living in gutters, sewers, fucking trash heaps.

    Bomb them?

    There's only God and fire. What have they been left with? Ash and ruins and no light and no water and begging for bread.

    Twitter and you tube? How about basic necessities?

    No kill.


    Yep, there's always god--and guns.


    The sum of humanity: so willing to kill, so unwilling to chill the fuck out and solve the problems.


    and presumptuous
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