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    The phone rings:

    - Erik.
    - Hello, I'm calling from [mumble] I wonder if it is alright if we send you an invoice?
    - What?
    - Is it okay if we send you an invoice? It seems you haven't paid for a purchase and we now have that debt.
    - No, it is not okay. What have i bought?
    - Well, we can't see that in the computer. But you havent paied.
    - [Laughing] Well, I think not then. Nice try!
    - Well, in that case we will leave this to [An agency that gets sure you pay and you will have a hard time getting credit and stuff after that].
    - Come on! How much is it about?
    - $21.
    - Well, I will pay if you can send me somthing that shows that I have bought something?
    - I' see what I can do.


    A letter and a copy with my signature on it recieved in the mail. It seems I have ordered something but not fetched it at the post office. The $21 is the cost of the return of the package plus a small fine. Now, the ball was mine. Pay up. I serached the package on internet. Not found, - too old. Two year limit on tracing packages online. Calling the postal service. Okay that package was delivered but not fetched. Strange. I asked for a paper showing that order.


    An order recieved in the mail. Aha, the package was sent to the wrong adress! I never got it. Back on phone with the comany which liked to send me an invoice:

    - Well, the package was sent to the wrong adress.
    - Was the adress correct on your signed order.
    - Yes.
    - Nivermind then, we'll drop this then.

    Now I wonder if I can bill this company for two hours time of my life?

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