These policies are harming most every-one

Discussion in 'Politics' started by JRK, Aug 9, 2011.

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    I fail to understand with these events is the hard working member of the Democratic party

    The one who use to be sort of a blue dog

    Who has a 401k

    To the point I would make an educated guess that no less than 50% of the democratic party lives on government subsidies, pays little in tax, and will be that way for ever
    There a big part of the problem (not retirees nor those who really need the help)

    But there is a %, maybe 50% of the democratic party who is getting harmed as much as the most staunch conservative is, and will be for years to come due to the last 5 years of left wing liberals running this country (the senate and the house from 07-11)


    The political policies of this group has put us in such a bad place so fast, our credit rating has been rightfully so lowered

    Point is I do not understand why the working/saving/tax paying side of the democratic party continues to support the political path Obama/Pelosi and Reid of put us on

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