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    Dear MoveOn member,

    Hurricane Katrina has presented a defining moment for President Bush. So far, it's defined him as indecisive, uninterested in poverty and critically unprepared. Last night's nationally televised address was an attempt by the White House to mark a turning point.

    But President Bush failed to deeply address either of the core vulnerabilities Katrina exposed—the federal government's inability to respond to disaster, and the poverty and racism that still remains in America. With the media jury out on the speech, we can help draw focus to Bush's failure to deliver on his core promise—to protect America from disaster.

    Our ad team worked overnight, preparing a rapid-response TV ad we want to get on the air as soon as possible, to help shape this historic moment. If we can raise $250,000 today, we can do it. Can you contribute?

    Even a small contribution will get the ad running if we all chip in. While the money we've all contributed for relief and recovery is critically important, we also need to fight to make sure our government does its job because government efforts will outstrip private efforts by a magnitude of hundreds. Advocacy is as important as charity at this time in our nation's history.

    As Republican 9/11 Commission chair Thomas Kean said Thursday, "What makes you mad is that it's the same things we saw on 9/11. Whoever is responsible for acting in these places hasn't acted. Are they going to do it now? What else has to happen for people to act?"1

    The ad, titled "No Safer," draws a contrast between the promises made and the reality today—explaining that despite all the money, reports and restructuring, America isn't any more prepared for a disaster now than it was four years ago, and President Bush doesn't have a plan to make us safe.

    Since September 11th, we have been told repeatedly by the president that America is safer. That message—that he would protect America—is the central reason why he won re-election. Those claims turned out to be false.2

    Millions of Americans are counting on us because none of us are safer without needed changes. There are hundreds of communities that are vulnerable to either natural or man-made disasters. We need a real plan to make America safe and the TV ad will help force this critical issue onto the agenda. Please contribute today.

    The ad is just one part of what MoveOn members are doing. Civic Action organized housing offers for 265,000 people and is co-hosting fundraising concerts for Gulf Coast groups.

    Over the coming weeks and months, we'll be pushing for our leaders in elected office to insist on a real plan to keep America safe. We'll ask you to get involved in lots of different ways, but right now we really need your help to put the TV ad on the air.

    Thanks for all you do.

    –Eli, Marika, Jennifer, Tom and the Political Action Team

    Friday, September 16th, 2005


    1. "9/11 Panel Says U.S. Hasn't Enacted Crucial Reforms," The Washington Post, Sept. 14, 2005

    2., Sept. 15, 2005


    They could give a shit less, about the soul's that are out of everything, for what ever reason. They just see them as a policital ploy...

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