The world will turn

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    You can stop and get off or continue playing the game.

    The plan is to let the civilian population to feel like they are steering the ship. This is done by the creation of organizations like the tea party players in the media. The game here is to let the house of cards fall and bring in a new operandi modus that appears to be the rebels idea and consist of better standard of living and more freedom and the release of new advances made in the medical, scientific, and technological fields that alone change the way we live. They fear that the conscious level of the world is not ready to handle the increase of life span without a shift in paradigm toward the possibility of living forever and being an independant party aligned in social coorperation instead of an authoritative state. As I learn more I grasp the bigger picture but only by allowing the possibilties. In every possible way the advancements made are a good thing and what we have been waiting for to be discovered. The collapse of the house of cards has been designed to allow ease of transistion of power as new leaders emerge and the heart of the world aligns with each other. A new philosophy is in need and needs to be designed by the new world order as a global unified statement and effort from the people.

    This is what is said to of been done and the way it will be, there will be survival pressure's to build up spirit and strength to allow you to take control of your lives back and decide to help, live, plain ol'survive, or perrish. At the end of it all is the future, how do you want it to be? In the process of the transistion it will be easier or harder, it depends on the path you choose.

    You get it or you don't. If your still sitting there wondering whats next or what I am talking about, or maybe think that the world is going to stop for you.... it won't unless you make it. It is time for the change the old machine is outdated and no longer useful, labor for survival is an old opertating system that is absolete and will be replaced. This is to happen sooner then you think and the ripple is comming now faster then ever but a card needs to be removed before it can begin, and this card changes it. It's now just who will grab it and how you ride the wave of the events until the tsunami goes away.

    Hard work for hard people. Make it or don't the end is near.

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