The word of God, humanism, logic

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    All of us profess to live by one or all of these beliefs, but do we? God: I give you free will, the right to choose and reap or suffer the consequences. Humanism or secularism: Live and let live. Logic: We must live within the limits of the system we inhabit. Man: No, I know I am right, my way is the only way, others must conform or be excluded, punished, or eliminated.

    God: I give you the earth, respect it, honor it, replenish it. Science: We live on spaceship Earth, a closed system. We must live within those limits. Man: No, I must be free to satisfy my needs, wants, and desires. To hell with the consequences, even to my own children.

    "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you" (multiple authors) Man: No, do unto others before they do unto you! As I observed we all profess to believe in free will, the freedom to choose, individual liberty, freedom for all: Do we? No, only in our own version of freedom. Peace, Love, and Faith. Pappadave.

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