The White House's Independence Day Compromises

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    The WSJ mole inside the budget negotiations gave the rest of us some more insight into Barack Obama's negotiating tactics are straight out of Hitlers "Night of the Long Knives" and the dealings with newspaper publisher Fritz Gerlach.
    John Boehner; 'I gave you 800 billion in new revenues. What do I get in return?"
    Barack Obama: "You get nothing! I get that for free!"
    The Dictator and Tyrant wannabe Poster Child for the very reason the Founders endowed Americans with their Second Amendment rights now wants to strip Americans of those rights and aggregate them all unto himself. Is Barack Obama covertly but actively seeking a Civil War? Perhaps he feels a Civil War would permit him to divert the drones used to hunt al Qaeda to domestic use for the elimination of his domestic enemies and provide an excuse for the importation of a few million Islamic Holy Warriors to aid and assist domestic forces in the elimination of his domestic enemies.
    Legalinsurrection characterizes Obama's compromise offers as being on the same level as the alien's response to offers of human aid to the aliens in the movie "Independence Day"
    "What can we do to help?"

    » “Independence Day” offers warning and inspiration to conservatives - Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion

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