The Wedding Dress Attacker

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    A Wedding Dress Becomes A Weapon

    On a typical September night in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, a 19-year-old university student was returning home from class. Someone was watching her -- and in the moments that followed, police believe a vicious sexual predator was born.

    Fifteen years later that predator is the subject of a national manhunt. Frighteningly, he's evolved from a man who grabbed a crime of opportunity to a man who stalks women -- and in many of his attacks, a wedding dress has become a weapon in his arsenal.

    Over the years, police put together a collection of clues indicating that the suspect is a sick individual with an unusual fetish: wedding dresses. It doesn't hold true in every case, but in most of the cases, the attacker targeted women who were advertising bridal gowns for sale.

    While it appears the attacker knew a lot about his victims before targeting them, the police were learning a lot about the attacker, too. Victims describe him as someone who was older, with a red face, oily hair and stiffness in his right hand. But that's not all. The victims also took note of what the suspect was wearing. Many of the women who endured attacks say he was dressed in out-dated clothing from the 1970s.

    What a creep. This guy has gotten away with this shit for to long. I hope they catch this asshole ASAP. To bad creeps like this can't get the Death Penalty.

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