The way the canidate wants to treat our space program has a lot to do with my vote

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    Our space program is very important to me as humanity must expand outwards from our planet. There's no question about it.

    From the extensive resources of space to the fact that we're less likely to be wiped out holding a few planets. The knowledge we gain from it has only done good for humanity...

    My issues this election are 3#

    1# Economy
    2# Who can keep the peace and keep the world from blowing up. Not only that but can win such a war if it would occur.
    3# innovation, science and this has a large part of our space advancement.

    1# 40%
    2# 30%
    3# 30%
    Would be my break down for making my final vote.

    There's no question that we need a strong space program. We live within a world with countries like Russia, China, India, ect that are planning full on missions(bases on the moon) to the moon and more. No sense in giving up anymore ground. It would be a sign of weakness in front of the world.

    Why limit ourselves to one planet? We would be far stronger with our solar system. :eusa_boohoo:

    If Obama came out in the debates saying he wants us to compete with China within Innovation and space. I'd have to think about my vote.
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