The Two Most Vicious Cartoons of the Campaign...So Far

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    Dana Summers, Orlando Sentinel


    Michael Ramirez,

    As the ripples from Senator Obama’s cannonball into the international pool continue to reverberate across the political waters, Ramirez’s depiction of him using a wounded American soldier as a springboard in his political slam dunk and Summer's portrayal of Obama's tour bus running over a wounded vet may well create an emotional tsunami.

    With conflicting stories floating about as to why the junior Senator from Illinois cancelled a previously scheduled visit to wounded American soldiers while in Germany last week, the episode quickly became a black cloud over what was otherwise considered a resounding public relations success.

    Ramirez astutely visualizes what many believe is at the heart of the Senator’s cancelled visit; his desire to use America’s wounded warriors as political props to propel the momentum of his world tour even higher. Meanwhile, Summers taps into the belief that confronted with a ban on bringing the media with him to visit our wounded heroes, he summarily tossed them under the proverbial bus as it were.

    Hmmmmm.....I wonder what Michael Jordan thinks about the one? Hello, Nike Legal?

    While I fervently hope that neither is the case, my fear is it is yet another indication that despite his protestations and assertions to the contrary, Senator Obama is, in fact, just another politician. A highly gifted and articulate one, granted. But in the end, still just another politician.
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