The Truth About Deception

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    Sparked by Lumpy's lies men tell thread...:)

    I was reading these two articles and thought they were very interesting...they brought up a few good points in relationship to lying and deception.

    The first being that sometimes people will lie when they feel like they are losing independence or feedom and want the other person to back off or to just let a situation go.

    The second/third being that if you ask a person a direct question...they are more likely to lie. And once the lie is told...a person is more likely to stick to their story no matter what. Why??...because apparently people would rather look crazy than admit to lying.

    Fourth...Fear is a main motivator of lying. We may claim we lie to spare people's feelings,but usually it is more about the fear of being embarrassed,punsihed or rejected.

    I guess I tend to agree. Being 100% honest is hard...for one thing It can leave a person with the feeling of being fully exposed and vulnerable. While being unsure of the other person motives. Which leaves them open to being hurt.

    Invasive Questions and Lying


    When confronted with what can seem like a never-ending interrogation, people feel like their choices and options are being limited. Often, this causes a spouse or partner to feel like they are losing control - that they have no privacy or sense of autonomy.

    And as a result, spouses often fight back by lying. Deception is useful when trying to gain back a sense of freedom and independence (see, protect privacy).

    Some Direct Questions asked that will likely cause a person to tell a lie because they feel put upon:

    •What are you thinking?
    •Who were you with?
    •Why did it take you so long?
    •What were you doing?
    •Why did you...?
    •Why didn't you...?
    •Is that the truth...?

    Invasive Questions - Truth About Deception

    Getting Others to Be Honest - Truth About Deception
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    And the famous answer is:

    [ame=]YouTube - ‪Clinton, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman...‬‏[/ame]

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