The Tea Party: The War of the Flea.

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    The War of the Flea

    By Ned Ryun from the May 2011 issue

    "By any standard, unions are a behemoth in American politics. The Center for Responsive Politics reports that between 1990 and 2010, the 24 largest unions gave more than $500 million in campaign contributions, 95 percent of it to Democrats. Most of the biggest contributors were public sector unions, the largest being the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), which over that 20-year span gave $40,281,900 to Democrats and $547,700 to Republicans. Outside the two major parties, no entity is so heavily invested and wields so much power in American politics.

    This process has made the public sector unions in particular a significant force in American politics, but American taxpayers increasingly understand that much of that influence and power has been gained off their backs. Thanks to the tea partiers, these unions are starting to encounter a counter-insurgent "war of the flea." When massively superior forces confront a much smaller force, one would expect that, at least on paper, the massive force would easily prevail. But history shows it doesn't always work out that way.

    I have been saying for some time that public sector unions and the Tea Party are on the front lines of a growing conflict. One side seeks statism, more government, more taxpayer-funded benefits, and public officials who put their interests ahead of the majority of the American people. The other side realizes that government has grown well above and beyond what the Founders envisioned, that we are well down the path of financial destruction due to fiscal irresponsibility, and that too many elected officials no longer serve the interests of the American people.

    Polk writes in Violent Politics that the fight is won if the majority of the population begins to accept and see the world the way the insurgents do. The war of the flea will end if insurgents win backing by numbers far more significant than the forces they face. If the tea partiers can help awaken the American taxpayer to the reality of the unions, the fight will become one of 54 million nonunion taxpayers vs. 15 million union members. Currently we are nearing the tipping point of this struggle." 

    Ned Ryun is the founder and president of American Majority, a political training institution.

    The American Spectator : The War of the Flea

    Detractors do everything that they can to belittle the Tea Party. The truth of the matter is that The Tea Party scares the hell out of the socialist left. This is a fact based fear. One only has to go back to the last election cycle to see how the Tea Party influenced American politics.

    The Tea Party is the voice of the American People. Those of us who've been to Tea Party events have seen first hand that this is a grass roots movement that is the true voice of the American people. The most amazing thing I've seen is the harmony between all three political factions at these events. Democrats, Independents, and Republicans all agree that our government is in serious trouble, and needs to be restored back to what the founding fathers had envisioned. To this I can only say go Tea Party, go. :up:

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