The syndicated confederacy of nepotism verses commonwealth.

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    Does nepotism have more privilege than commonwealth?

    Common wealth is result of merit and never counterfeit.

    Common wealth is the harvest of "credence" as opposed to "piracy".

    Common wealth and nepotism are two different things. The goal of common wealth is merit, but the goal of nepotism is piracy.

    Common wealth does not contribute to piracy.

    Nepotism does not contribute to merit

    Merit instigates the purpose of unification and implicates common wealth by its consistency of regiment.

    Nepotism instigates the purpose of dissention and implicates piracy by its consistency of regiment.

    Nepotism is not collateral of merit.

    Nepotism is a tradition of corrupt ethics.

    Nepotism pilfers the social network of common wealth to syndicate a confederacy to blockade social integrity.

    Nepotism syndicates a confederacy to blockade or deprive a targeted social network to destroy its integrity of province.

    Nepotism installs a plan of sedition in order to rule social mutiny against a targeted alliance of people for sabotaging the unity of a targeted people in order to turn them against each other for inducing them as hostages of social dissention by the plan of nepotism used to manipulate a theme of decoy in order to overthrow the unified authority or province of territory connected to the targeted network of its people.

    Common wealth unifies the alliance of social network to allow social diversity the entitlements of equal opportunity, for the benefits of social collateral to be consistent by the harvest to gain social worth as the ability to derive your self asset or own worth from others.

    Nepotism uses sexuality as a propaganda to instigate sexual rivalry amongst gender in order to rape or subdue the power of consent by committing targeted populations of people to the bondage of slavery in order to dominate the monopoly of sexual preference.

    Nepotism uses rape as a utensil to maneuver people as tokens of pawn in order to disguise the phene of sexual corruption.

    Nepotism promotes the deceptions of sexual corruption for the purpose of persuading, the cohersion of propaganda to violate and distort human vitality by inciting people to believe that sex has more privilege and ability than the origin or foundation of gender; in order to syndicate or conform a pattern of mentality that supports piracy instead of merit.

    Nepotism syndicates propaganda to incite people to believe that reproduction has more privilege and ability than the origin or foundation of the body; in order to disguise or conform a pattern of mentality that supports partnership or counterfeit instead of individuality or legitimacy.

    Common wealth says that gender is not obligated to sexual preference, because sex is not the origin or ignition of gender.

    Common wealth said that sex is only a delegation of the body but is never the source of the body. The body got here before reproduction and not after; and that is why reproduction can not out run the body, because the body knows how to produce itself faster than and before reproduciton.

    Common wealth said that the slavery of sexual bondage is not the rule of emancipation.

    Common wealth said that mandation will never replace; duplicate; or counterfeit the goal of consent.

    Common wealth said that mandation and consent are two different goals of intent.

    Common wealth supports emancipation instead of slavery.

    Nepotism is a system of pilfer to sabotage the progress of a common wealth.

    Nepotism syndicates a confederacy of piracy in order to falsify emancipation.

    What is the difference between nepotism and commonwealth?

    Which one do you think has more power?

    What does a syndicated confederacy have to do with yourself or other people?
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